2015 – 2017 Regional Director, Gina Williams-Jackson

Regional Theme: “Embracing Our Past, Enriching our Present and Empowering our Future.

Established as one of the seven regions, the Southeastern Region has distinguished itself as one of the premier regions of the national organization. With a rich legacy of leadership, both as elected and appointed leaders and as developers of signature programs that address the needs of children and families, other regions have traditionally viewed the Southeastern Region as a model organization.

The mission of the Southeastern Region is to be the most effective organization in the Southeast. Today, more than seventeen hundred (1700) families are members of the forty-three (43) chapters that make up this region; advocating for the welfare of children. Resultantly, we have embraced innovative activities that leverage the talents of our mothers and benefit children and teens.

The Southeastern Region is honored to have had four members to serve as National Presidents of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated:

• Dr. Miriam C. Shropshire – 9th National President 1970-1974
• Dr. Eva C. Wanton – 13th National President 1986-1990
• Mrs. Shirley Barber James – 15th National President 1994-1996
• Mrs. Tamara Turnley Robinson – 23rd National President 2012-2014
• Mrs. Joli Cooper-Nelson – 25th National President 2016-2018

The Southeastern Region, launched in 1959 under the leadership of its first Regional Director Alpha Robertson (Birmingham, AL chapter).

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Visit http://seregion.jackandjillonline.org/ for information.